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    I have been reffed to this company via a source. They apparently get you on the Google places for dirt cheap on fairly competitive kws.


    they charge 149 per month and get you on local listings for some competitive
    kws. the catch is that once clicked you end up on their landing page built for your dental practice with available links to your the client.

    here is a sample they showed me
    (remove the * and change to dot)




    i wonder how they can do this without getting stock on having to optimize the site of the client (they dont deal with that anyways) i have a searched around and their examples definitely pops up on several good competitive kws.

    there are some theories that have been discussed here but I am trying to see what other companies are doing and it seems like relatively they are easily bumping people up on Google places!!!

    according to Google, your proximity from the center of town is major now, if that's true this guy is a lot further from the center of town in los angeles.

    if the search results is solely based on center of town, the results could not possibly be beneficial. imagine someone living in north san fransisco, and looking for a dentist, if results come from the center of town being downtown he is at-least 40 min away, yet the kw is the same dentist San Fransisco!!

    let try to put inputs and findings in this thread and start benefiting from each others split test and recommendations.

    DISCOVERY #1 - some of the firms I tried to dig info from have told me they create multiple listings with different kws! how doesn't Google allow that wouldn't that be spamming Google places?
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    We create multiple listings by changing the address slightly, which it looks like they have done. I've noticed listings for him that have just his address and others that have the same address but with the added "#507", which Google will see as a different address or suite number.

    According to GP TOS you can use any web site for your GP listing that best represents your business, so they are simply creating a page where they can gain leverage with the customer... meaning they own it, so if the payments stop, well, so do the GP leads.

    The GP listing looks pretty well optimized, with a lot of good citations... and "Dental Implants", which is a nice kw, is not nearly the most competitive for the niche...

    Just some thoughts to get started.
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    If you're gonna spam a black hat forum, at least check the dates on the threads your bot is replying to.
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    Hello ! I know someone who can create google places listings instantly by bypassing post card verification. Contact him directly thru Skype ID: rexaniel306