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    Not sure if this has been posted yet. But I was able to make a few bucks doing it and I'm sure experienced domain guys could definitely make some money doing it.

    I used Google Places Scout to scrape G Places, but you could make your own if you want.

    Basic method

    1. Scrape G places. You need to scrape the domains. (Tip: Use only high search volume keywords and keywords that trigger G Places listing results in the SERPs. This indicates the listing showing up probably gets more traffic. You do this by testing the keyword phrases in the web search before hand just to make sure. You'd be surprised at what does and does not always trigger G Places listings.)

    2. After a lot of scraping you need to bulk check all the domains you've scraped in a bulk domain checker. I've just been using Godaddy's bulk checker.

    3. Now that you have a nice sized list of domains currently available that are sitting in G Places you need to evaluate each one and see if they are getting traffic. This can be pretty tricky with expired domains. I've just been doing a G search with "" to check out how much past SEO was done.

    4. After you've found a few good domains you can now redirect them to a relevant offer, product, service or even a client website. This is a good way to steal leads. LOL, the other day I found a large marketing company in Texas that mis typed their domain when they put it in G Places. Wonder how long it will take for them to figure that out. Meanwhile, I'm redirecting his G Places listings to my client site.

    It's pretty amazing at how many expired domains are sitting in G Places.
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    great idea. thanks for the tip
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    Great tip!
    Will check it our for some of our struggling clients!