Google or firefox?

You mean Google Chrome and Firefox? I'd have to go to with Firefox!
Ok, so I read a news press article a day or two ago and I forgot exactly what it was saying, but it was something to the effect of...

When you use a chrome browser, you are simultaneously sending data to Google servers. I wouldn't want Google getting anymore information they they already have, so I wanted to ask and see if anyone has heard anything about that
The two are equally good. I'm using both. Firefox at the most since some of my userscripts are not compatible with Chrome. But when Firefox eat up my RAM (though been using memory addon like AFOM) I switch to Chrome.

You can prevent Chrome sending data to Google if you like.
I used Firefox for lots of years, and few months ago I switched to Chrome. Reason to this is because Firefox is so slow after few hours of work. When I installed Chrome all was so much faster. Only thing I was missing was various extensions, and that is only plus for Firefox, but now there are same extensions for Chrome, like SeoQuake, Google global, Chrome SEO etc...

Here are some Chrome extensions for SEO:

Im for OperA :) But I also use FireFox with some plugins, but as it was mentioned above, FF is very slow.
Love'n Chrome. Very fast and doesn't seem to get bogged down. [knock on digital wood]
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