Google Merchant Center and Google Shopping

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    Questions about Merchant Center and products I already have listed and approved for the Google Shopping results.

    I had to make some generic landing pages for a couple of my products because Google was being difficult. The products are $50,000+ items that no one in the world would buy from a website, they are going to call my business to custom order it. But I wanted some PLAs so I just made the generic pages as Google asked.

    My question is that now I'm listed and everything is good, what do you think Google would do if I put 301 redirects on the landing pages to the real page I want listed (it is a totally legit page, the new landing page that is, just had too much info on it for Google apparently which is dumb)? I would take up and down the 301s as needed if I planned to resubmit my feed or makes changes of course, but as long as I left my products just sit I would have them 301'd.

    Any thoughts on if this would actually work or not?