Google March 2024 Core Update Released: bigger than before!

No one is protected from this update.
Check this image:

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Well, how do we deal with this now? Rewrite all the AI articles, and will that help? Complete idiocy.
My competitors are writing 2-3 sentences in broken English with 2010 keyword stuffing style, so I decided to do the same but with the help of GPT-4 and a cool query.
It looks the same length but is written more grammatically correct and juicy, but NO, GOD, IT'S AI, LET'S BAN IT!
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Another huge hit this morning.

This is a mess and unlike any previous update we've experienced.

No sites de-indexed or manual penalty. Just all <100 in serps.
No one is protected from this update.
Check this image:
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Source of the article:

haha imagine being hit by the company you work on :D

Refer to his robots.txt...

Probably just some stupid easter egg or joke. The robots.txt is so long it lagged my Chrome browser (the irony).

Or, like someone in SERoundTable says, a way to mock affected webmasters. That guy has a habit of trolling and mocking others, even when you're down. Just see his Tweets now... He is joking about it.

JohnMu is that kind of person that if he sees someone standing on the ledge threatening to jump, he will make some insensitive remarks like, "Wow, I thought Fall is here but it is here sooner than I thought."
Then goes on to Twitter/X and jokes about it. Yes, he's that kind of sociopath troll.
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That robots.txt has been there for years, just use webarchive. The site has collapsed since the March update began and has disappeared entirely. Then its owner can say whatever he wants, he's not a credible source
My hand written years old topical authority website.... now outranked by single page domain with 100% automated < 200 word count with trademark infringing EMD.

Another site outranked by a blank broken website.

Others out ranked by completely useless reddit posts just because it has the search keyword somewhere in the reddit post title.

Welcome to SEO in 2024.
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Pretty wild days. 80% of ranks disappeared into <100, after a couple of days ift popped back. Then tanked again.

We use automation in text generation but based on a data tool that secures on time accuracy of data. The text itself is helpful, user metrics are nice. Native speakers in live tests never realized that there was any kind of automation going on. Our site only posts 3-5 posts a week and has overall 700 pages. In a rolling cycle on a quarterly we 410 outdated articles that do not have any value nor traffic from readers. This is far away from spamming. There is no AI content on the site.

The most interesting part is that those articles where our editors edit the automation for the better got downranked and a lot of articles where this was not made still rank. It is a niche project and in some segments there are only 1-2-3 sites that cover the topics as we do are only touch it a bit in another context. Now Serps look tike random content. Far from helpful.

If we would exclude the text automation there would be no difference. 3-5 articles manually written per week with the same bloddy content. I don´t get it where the problem is.


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I'm not so sure the drop is connected to AI. My site I cover in my journey has almost no content, it's just a tool. But the number of pages and the short time I uploaded them is what I think caused the hit for me. A lot of the AI sites that have been hit are using some auto blogging software and upload 100-1000 posts every day. Now most of them got the manual action but others are just like me down 90% traffic overnight.
How many pages on your website?
Almost all my aged & authority sites are tanked. They are all whitehat, some of them have AI content, some of them have writers. But entertainment niches got hit the worse. I have no choice but to fire my long-term writers and go completely AI at this point. (they were already hit hard with the September HCU, but this one completely hammered it).
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