Google Maps Api License For Business

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    Looking to get some information on the Google Maps API License for business and how it works. I'd figure some of you might have experience with it. I have a script on my website. It's a website for a restaurant that does delivery. What the script does is when a customer orders delivery, he/she has put a delivery address. If address is outside of delivery range of restaurant, it does not let customer checkout and customer gets a message saying that he's outside of delivery range.

    So the script gets information from Google Maps. I've heard from several programmers that I would need to get a Google Maps API license for business. This is because one ip address can only send 2500 requests a day to Google Maps. Anything more than 2500 requests requires a license or so that's what I'm told. If I don't have a license, my script would stop working after 2500 requests and I'll get an error message.

    So if anybody has experience using the Google Maps API Business license, do you know if I need it? How does it cost and who do I contact to get it? I tried contacting Google Maps and requesting a Google Maps sales rep to contact me, but so far they haven't contacted me yet.
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