Google Local Update?


Mar 5, 2014
Today my site went from #2 to #6, but all the other local sites got moved around too. Plus, when I search this one term it used to come up with local hits, now its in a map with places in other states. The old #1 is now #3 on local, but still #1 on organic. I'm still #2 on organic, but #6 local. #1 local is #9 organic, and #2 local isn't in top 10. It wasn't like this yesterday, is this happening to anyone else? What's going on? :confused:
Yes I went from # 1 on local to not even listed
my organic for key search terms have been all over the place.
A bit more information would be great.

Have you changed your content?
Have you built links recently?
Did you loose link?

Have you bothered looking into these things before asking the forum?
This has been happening in my local niche as well. Top pages have been shuffling over the last few months as well.
Yeah local is moving a lot right now, best to not flip out and start deleting backlinks or doing a bunch of crazy shit. Just let the algo fully update and then analyze what's changed, what's working and what you need to do.
Haven't seen any real movements, is this only the 7 pack or also the organic listings
Dropped from #1 to #4 in local for one of our keywords. Will wait it out to see if that sticks.
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