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    Hi everyone!

    Im starting a local language school in my hometown in Germany. Of course i wanna rank first page for my 2 main keywords.

    I found the local listing thread with citation pages; and i guess for local SEO these are crucial. (of course ive gotta find the german ones ;)

    Im just wondering about the relationship between my Local Listing and my Homepage. Are the rankings related in any kind or is it like 2 different pages?

    Just wanna make sure i dont blast my local listing through the roof with 150 citations while the homepage is still on #73.

    Any further Tips on local listing maybe?

    Best Regards
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    The rankings awarded to your Google business listing or "Place Page" are different from that of your website. For example you could still get a place page to rank in SERP's and not have a website. That being said, your place page ranking higher in search can indirectly bring more traffic to your website if they are linked to one another.

    In general though, these are two different properties and tactics used to get your place page to rank higher will not directly benefit your website.

    More on what Google Places is,

    Hope that helps you,

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    While some place pages rank without a website, for most niches you'll find all listings have a site. Even if the owner hasn't verified the listing and added their site url to the dashboard, the website probably exists and Google HAS found it.

    Ranking a local listing weighs heavily on the strength of the site, so good seo on the site and a good off-page link profile make a huge difference in ranking.

    So to answer your question, your site matters... a lot.

    Check out David Mihm's local ranking factors for more info. Just google it.