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Oct 20, 2009
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When i check my links in SeoCentro i get these numbers:
Total Google Yahoo Live AllTheWeb AltaVista
789 1 174 55 278 281

How can i easiest get more links from Google and what is the best way to do if i want to reach 3000 links to X-mas?
My website is 3 months old.
All the methods constantly mentioned on here, directorys, social bookmarking, article submissions etc However I am no expert but I suspect google will not index all your links by xmas if you do manage to build them. As a guide try and keep to less than 40/50 a day. HTH
I guess i just go on the same way i'm doing now and hopefully the Google-links will grow.
I have a new site a yahoo says I have 159 links and google says I only have 4 links. It seems like google has not listed all the do follow blog posts that yahoo site expolrer lists.
Google don't show all backlinks in index to protect you,but if you use webmasters tools will show you all your backlinks,even more than yahoo ;)
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