Google Is Driving Me CRAZY!! Do You Have Any Idea?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by MelindaP, Jun 25, 2011.

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    Jun 24, 2011
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    Can you guys comment on this? I hold the position 7 for this keyword
    and think i have a good backlink portfolio. First position is an
    authority web site. But i cant figure out how i cant beat the rest.

    I have done mostly article marketing, in content links, high pr
    profiles. Which I built slowly. According to Yahoo i have the most backlinks. I have good on
    page seo. Position 2 has only a few backlinks. Nothing significantly
    powerful. Backlink types that i already carry as well. The age of the
    domains are same. They have no significant on page seo difference.

    I am aware that YSE might not be showing everything, but that's same
    for me too. Open site explorer shows 2 times what YSE is showing for
    my backlinks.

    I am just sick of this and thinking of giving up, what do you guys
    think? What is a good strategy to do the last push once you get to mid
    page 1. Should i try high PR sitewides?

    Well, I can't post the url of the links since I'm new here. But, the one that has the number 2 position, only has 20 links and I have 900 something. Which is good quality links.
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    Strengthen you existing backlinks. Blast bulk backlinks from scrapebox (blog comments) and xrumer (profile links) to these backlinks. Remember to use your main keywords as anchor text. See the effect in 15-20 days.
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    Raise you keyword density for the keyword(s) you're wanting to rank for.

    Many disregard the importance of keyword density and focus mainly on backlinks, but keyword density explains why a site with no backlinks rank higher than site with 1,000 backlinks.

    Compare the keyword density between your site the the site your wanting to beat. Really analyze this site by keyword phrases and just increase the instances of the keywords on your website.

    But do it strategically so its readable by humans.
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    Jan 9, 2010
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    seo is stupid. the end.