Google Insights - How true is that info ?


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Aug 13, 2010
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I do my keyword research using MS, but i always do my final check on google insights, mainly to check if i am targetting the correct country, and i was taking in that info as absolute truth (no way of testing it really).

But today i came across a keyword that, i just can't believe it to be true, so i'm forced to question the whole insights thing. I was searching for long tail keywords related to the main kw "Tyre", as i am trying to work out a website fo promote some tyre sellers cpa campaings.

So i went ahead and checked out the main kw "tyre" and it basically tells me the top countries that target this kw are:

1. South Africa
2. Australia
3. United Kingdom
4. Albania
5. Botswana
6. New Zealand
7. Namibia
8. Zimbabwe
9. Ireland
10. Malaysia

So no one in the US is really interested in searching for tyres? I'm pretty sure that this stat is just plain wrong.

So my question is, do any of you guys ever encountered similar suspicious data from insights? And if so, what alternatives do you used to overcome it.

Thanks for the help.

tires2.PNGLook at the pictures

Uk vs US english got me this time.

Thanks :)
in US they call it "tires"

My car has 4 "tires". Google insight data and traffic estimates are suspicious often.

I recently saw Weight Loss Programs has no reported traffic buy Weight Loss Program has thousands of searches. So wouldnt bet my life on that data
it is about how people type the search query.
they think products is better that product or even buy if you don't misspell it
Its is like
I want you
what was the first thought in your mind?
As social described the common brain thinks sexual even if i add then
to clean my bathroom

I think is clear enough
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