Google Has Released the November 2023 Reviews Update


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Dec 11, 2021
As expected as they did mention that a product review update will be rolled out this week right after they roll out the core update.

Released the November 2023 reviews update. Learn more about how to write high quality reviews.
Going forward, as the reviews system is now being improved at a regular and ongoing pace, we will no longer be posting about future updates on the status dashboard.
And as mentioned in the previous thread on Google's November core update, I just find it despicable of them to release 2 updates just before Black Friday/Cyber Monday and the shopping month of December-January.

As always, good luck everyone.
Is this related to product reviews only? The clicks on my site grew 2x in the last 3 days and i thought it was because of this update
This "Product Reviews" update was only announced just now - several hours ago.

So what you've experienced was probably from Google's November Core Update (

Also, from my experience, product reviews update tend to affect all types of content too. All the recent product reviews update had people reporting of their sites shifting everywhere in the SERPs despite the pages aren't about products or reviews.
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