Google Fears Amazon!?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Lazlo1967, Aug 18, 2012.

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    I read an article from Business Insider that said Google's biggest fear is not FB or Bing, but Amazon. The thinking goes like this. First, the searches that make the most money for Google (in terms of what people are willing to pay per click) are those that have to do with shopping for a product. Second, people are beginning to change their online shopping behavior. Instead of going to Google, searching, sifting through a bunch of links, find a place to purchase (or shop around), etc... they are now just going directly to Amazon. They don't even need external product reviews since they can get good reviews right on Amazon.

    Obviously, this might be a major problem for those doing Amazon affiliate sites.

    But, is there a way to leverage this trend and make some $$$ of it? Will Amazon SEO become the next big thing?
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    I don't think they fear them, if they did they'd be pushing Amazon out more..
    And marginally penalizing more sites using Amazon affiliate links.
    From my perspective, I can't see Amazon becoming the next big thing.

    Case study: Look at eBay, at one point in time you could search, find and buy anything.
    It was the ultimate site for getting the best deals, everything had descriptions on the products.
    And now they are pretty much dying off slowly..
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    I doubt it and besides, when Google feels like they are losing control over a competitor in their own search engine, their first instinct would be to have an update that targets whatever they can find against a competitor OR they will design their own and make it more effective for their search engine (see Google + over FB like)
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    Amazon is already huge. Just not as huge as Google. Fear? Google will only fear another search engine, but they'd buy it before it grows popular.

    Besides that Google fears me. Once Google shat it's pants when it saw me on #10 going for #1. Put a 2nd Wikipedia result in my way, increased number of AdSense ads at the top and hoped I don't make it. Later that month Google shat it's pants again... Matt was sent for diapers.
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