Google Dance, Observations on 6 Domains + Questions

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    here is my current situation with 6 domains (diff. c-class IPs) which are .COMs:

    All of the domains are proxy registered, some by 1and1, some by netfirms, hosted among different IPs. Targeting pretty much the same niche but they differ with offerings.

    They are GOOGLE DANCING like a crazy...

    When I access by proxy from IL it displays them in top 20, when I access them from NY they can not be found in the top 100... Another example: when I try to find from europe by it is hard to see any out of 6 domain in top 50, BUT when I use with canadian proxy and french language they are top 10 - top 20 :(

    My seo: socialbookmarks (10-20 blasts x 3) + nofollow comments on wordpress + couple dozens of d0f0110 blogengine + 5 articles per domain.

    The google dance thing already too 3-4 weeks! And I am getting really frustrated to see some constant result...

    Any explanations welcomed.
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