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Google crawl rate is it good or bad

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by eforestal55, Mar 21, 2010.

  1. eforestal55

    eforestal55 Registered Member

    Oct 21, 2009
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    Guys my domain is only 1 year old and I've noticed a dip in traffic and sales.. please let me know if these crawl rates are good or bad. I only have 11 pages on this site and all of them are indexed by google.

    I was making good money in the past, but recently it has dipped badly. I'm freaking out and not sure what to do. Here's my crawl rates let me know if they are good or bad. if it's bad, please let me know how to fix it fast.. also I host with hostgator if that makes a difference. thanks for the help.

    Pages crawled per day


    Kilobytes downloaded per day

    Time spent downloading a page
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  2. CenTex Hosting

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    Nov 8, 2009
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    crawl rate can be both good and bad. If you are making changes daily to your site you would want a faster crawl rate that why google is picking up the changes.

    on the other hand depend on your hosting account if you have your site crawled to much by different search engines this could slow down the load speed on the site.

    As far as sales down and traffic are down. Look in the past and see what the 10 ten keywords are and see where your site ranks at now. I Think this is going to be your issue not the crawl rate. I would guess that you have now moved down on the front page or even back a few pages. If this is the case then that is why your sales are done.

    Do a little seo build a link wheel move the site back up and sales will pick back up.

    Hope this helps.