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    So I just had my first Google Checkout order (**applause**). Question. So I intend to ship it out right away with no problems. But I do have a question.


    So I'm on a 10 day initial hold, yes? Let's suppose I have a customer who's willing to wait 10 days for me to ship. So they order. I charge it. 10 days pass. Will Google still pay me or will they wait on shipping confirmation? I did some research on my own but can't seem to find the answer.



    Crazy idea. If I'm not confusing eBay and Amazon, then I believe Amazon allows you to print a shipping label, yes? So you know they have that annoying 14 day hold or whatever. Suppose again I have a customer who's willing to wait. And so I print the shipping label and mail it on an envelope to get the payment process going. Customer is aware of this. The customer gets it, I get the money and then begin the real order.

    Is this idea STUPID beyond belief or am I on to something?

    Thank you!! // Best forum on the Internet!
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    Just ship The item because that's the policy. After some time the Money will be released sooner . You Cant ask the buyer to wait ten days for an item they purchased. Would you?