Google Analytics: Bounce rate Vs. Leaving visitors in Flow Report

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by swaggerboy, Feb 8, 2015.

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    Today I stumbeled on something I still cannot figure out in Google Analytics. Let me explain.

    My index page has a bounce rate of around 30%. So 30% of the visitors who enter my index page through whatever channel are not entering further in my website. I think that's a good rate but improvement can be made.

    After this I went on to analyse my flow charts. They explain user behauvior in big detail. 23,3% of all people continue to another page and the 76,7% of people leave my page. This kinda struck me. I tried to find an answer on Google or maybe in the flow charts itself.

    How can it be that my bounce percentage is 30% when more then 70% leaves the index according to my analytics.

    Take a look in your analytics and join the discussing !
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    You may need to consider the difference between exit rate and bounce rate (and returning visitors + time spent on site/engagement leading to a potential no bounce)

    Search for:
    [h=1]Exit Rate vs. Bounce Rate[/h]