Google analytics advanced filter


Aug 23, 2010
Hi guys. Not sure if this is the right place for this thread but i couldn't find a suitable Forum.

I'd like to know a way of pinpointing the exact search term that lead to a contact form completion using Google analytics. Has anyone got any ideas?

I'm not sure of what you 100% mean, but the terms from organic searches are in the Keywords section and you should look into goals and funnel setting.

hope it helps.
Thanks for reply.

What i mean is that I want to be able to match each keyword to a lead through a contact form.

I've got goals and funnels running but they don't actually show me the keywords. I can also go into keywords > goals to see which keywords completed goals. But i can't assign a keyword to a particular contact form enquiry.

I've done some searching and found a solution but I can't post the URL due to forum rules.

I think it's just what i'm looking for and will be giving it a try. It's basically a piece of javascript that extracts data from the cookie that Google analytics uses and then adds the keyword as a hidden field into the contact form.
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