Google algo update today


Apr 16, 2016
I monitor a bunch of European SERPS and this was a big one. Doesn't appear to be Penguin, but who knows, it had a huge impact on some spammy niches.

Most sites dropped -7, while others dropped all the way to page 9-10.

It seems mild in the USA so far, but could be rolling out there as we speak.

Post your rank changes.
Still, my site seems to be safe.
But yeah, got few links disappeared last night..


May be due to above discussion.
I've seen some loss in rank in my tracking tool for one site so far. About 15 keywords have dropped from position 1-3, which seems slightly higher than a typical day to day flux.

Traffic seems to be pacing on the same trend when comparing Friday over Friday. We'll see how things go throughout the rest of the day.
Seeing some major changes as well. Biggest jump = +17 while some keywords went down 4-6 spots.
I noticed the same in Germany. One website dropped from position #1 to #4. Some keywords dropped other keywords got a better ranking.
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biggest changes showing in 6 us sites almost all keywords going up and down sequentially it is biggest fluctuation of this year.
Positive movement here as well, many keywords jumped to top 10 for me.
I have a ton of emails from the 60+ sites I track. Not sure if it's up or down yet but there's a lot of movement across sites. -US sites

Not seeing any changes on the Canadian sites I track.
I saw a 2 page upward movement on a site I have been aging(no link building in 60days, and only 30 manual do-foll0w blog comments before that). Went from position 57 to 34.
My other sites haven't moved anywhere.
Also show massive improvement in one site of mine, from position 20 to 6. The others remained on the same spot.
I can also confirm a good bit of movement on European sites, nothing really changed on the US side of things.
I sent a lot of PBN links to my website (i actually think i exaggerated) and recently had some extra rank increases. I hope for more updates like that :D
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