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    Oct 24, 2016
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    My name is Kylie and Im doing online marketing in Vietnam. My company does bussiness both on google and facebook. I’m running ads for some enterprises in USA, Australia, France, etc…
    Their spending accounts are no less than 5000 USD per day, why?
    Why do they choose my company as a partner?
    The reason is that the ads running expense with my account is low, which means they can reduce the ads cost to earn high profit.

    Now you don’t worry about:
    You run traffic, replica ad locked account
    You don’t have facebook ad account to run advertisement
    Your advertising account is limited.
    Your advertising account not spend a lot of money
    Your advertising account with low coverage.
    We are a reputable agent with facebook, has been in service for many units effectively, with COMMITMENTS:
    Your ad is displayed continuously and without interruption
    The large budget spending which is not limited (a few hundred to billions / month)
    Approve Advertise instantly
    More preferred accessing to customers when being big account history to Facebook
    Supports 24/24 with VIP Facebook advertising account
    Very appropriate for who wants to run e-commerce, games, clocks, run ads, but with high budget
    We’re looking forward to a wonderful relationship together and success with your company.
    Thank you!

    Let’s talk on Skye: Kylie Jayce
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.