Google Adwords - I hate you.. Advice

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Jaz, Apr 6, 2010.

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    On the Highway To Hell
    I took about a 5 month vacation from Adwords, I know alot of crap changed with them "for the worse".

    I have been working on a site and for the last week was running a search campaign and a content network campaign.

    I was testing with about $350 a day and was just about to the point of breaking even. Woke up this morning and I had been slapped all QS are 1/10.

    I know there is no easy fix for this, but I am trying to resolve this as best as I can.

    Question #1: Should I go through the hassle of new accounts , domain, and maybe ONLY run this on content network, honestly my conversions in my niche were much much better on content. I'd been profitable now if it wasnt for the high cost per conversion on search. So Id be fine staying away from search.

    Is content network more "slap resistant"

    Question #2 : What are some good "content" network type sites.
    Yahoo & Bing dont have much volume in my niche. I looking at bivertiser and adbrite. But not sure about typical quality of traffic and is it saturated with high costs.

    Appreciate anyone whose been through this, lending some advice.
    My accounts luckily aren't banned, just campaigns toasted.