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Good way to protect content being leeched?

Discussion in 'Associated Content & Writing Articles' started by ntlntl, Dec 22, 2009.

  1. ntlntl

    ntlntl Registered Member

    Dec 25, 2008
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    Good way to protect content being leeched?

    My friend has many good courses in videos and textbook. He is crazy, he studys then writes books...in a traditional way. He partners with his friends who are teachers and he wants to sell those. He knows that i have some knowledge on the net about copyright stuff, warez etc...

    The threat is: 1 day, the whole will come as 1 DVD in store for 1$ or free on the net, all over many forums... For example few thousands $ courses already in Download section.

    The ideal I could think of is make E-learning site, and split the course into many pages, categories, chapters...split videos into flash...

    But everything can be recorded. The longest way is to take screenshots and record things, then use scan to text software to leech the content.... It takes a lot of time. We are considering offering these courses for dirty cheap or free then earn money in other ways then the leecher won't mind to go through all those things..

    However the expense for this is going to be very high, $ for teachers, vocal, places, studio, marketing, host to steam all those text + flash .... a fee is a must. He has some idea to earn money but the threat that the course could be leeched is still there and it can ruin everything.

    Some completed products are course for
    + using MS office 07
    + account software
    + basic info how to use computer..
    + basic info about the net...
    + social skill...

    and some other things are coming.

    I'm not so experienced. I have researched online. some services claim to be able to protect ebook from being download or printed and some tips for video also. A soft call camasia or so can prevent the videos not to be downloaded or so.... But there is always one way or another to leech content.
    Any suggestion for my friend, he is whitehat guy :) innocent lol , dreaming about being a popular teacher. Thanks