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    I am sooo sick of eBay, found a new website? I sold an iphone 3GS 16gb for 220 USD, a Motorola Druid X for 170 USD, and a iPod touch 3G 8GB for 120 USD. P.S. I was only running one day auctions, when you sell stuff in demand it sells quick there.Look at this..

    Other websites fees
    Now add that all up. 220 + 170 + 120 = 510
    Now add the google checkout fees.. 510 x 2.9% + .30 cents = $15.09 IN FEES. ((FOR GOOGLE CHECKOUT))


    eBay + PayPal Fees
    220 + 170 + 120 = 510
    510 x eBay Fees (Final Value Fee) + PayPal Fees = $62.99 in Fees

    Wow, see the big difference? YOU GUYS really need to sign up for this, its an incredible site. You can?t sell everything on there, but if you got decent stuff in demand you should really just give it a shot. List one dang item and see how it goes, less power for feebay and more for the little guy. PM if you want the link.