good tip to get templates from template monster for free


Aug 22, 2010
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No need to go and find for torrents and download many gigabytes of templates to get the one you want, you just have to choose it on template monster website, then you display the preview demo, copy the adress and put it in WinHT tracks to aspire it, very simple !!
i tried it but didnt work for wordpress themes... thanks for the share anyways
yes sorry I realized after having posted that it works only with some html/css templates which have a live demo preview, not all, sorry not to have precised.
Same result. This method does not work for me with wordpress either...
This would never work for anything written in php, only html (ie; html/css templates). There is no (easy) way to "pull" php pages from the web

Html works like so:

User requests page -> server responds with page -> page is rendered in browser

Where php works like:

User requests page -> server runs all php on page -> page is rendered in browser

php output (the stuff you see in your browser) is actually just plain html, it contains no php, the php is done on the server before the page is sent to the browser.

Worpress is written in php, so you can save a page or whatever, but the logic behind the page is lost as the page is now static.
yes it works with some of the html templates, not wordpress ones.
For html ones, when there is a preview, click on "see a live demo" like this one (nice one)

you can use HT Tracks to aspire it easilyn and there are many like that
if you know a little html and css, you click on "see a live demo", you take the css files and the image and you have the design for free.
After a small work with photoshop, the design is for you for free.

Haaa template monster is very hard with nulled world
True, I just have dowload one of those and it really work, but, its not for free tho! lol u get the main uidea but u still have to work it out! but u can take great ideas!
Thanks for sharing but i think it is better to design rather than copying or getting it downloaded for free.
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