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Mar 19, 2009
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Hey - wondering if this is an "easy" keyword to hit first page for


~150,000 results in google

Just downloaded market samurai the other day and planning a website - wondering what keywords to go for (First time w/ seo)
Yes it's easy keywords if you see many green columns in market samurai.
For more info checkout the market samurai video manual.
Hope this helps
I will look up the video manual.. and watch tomorrow, speakers on this computer broken :) I tried searching for info.

Thanks - I'll save this one and try and find some more. cheers
It's a super hard keyword.. uhh, what was the keyword again just out of curiousity?

The high ranking ones = things like youtube, yahoo etc... which all have a lot of backlinks to their site. Just not the page with this keyword.

So I guess to rephrase, how important is back links on page compared to domain back links.

LOL @ me being noob? Thanks. I didn't post the keyword.
Looks like an excellent candidate to me. It's the links to the actual page that matter most (rather than links to the domain in general). Also, there's a ton of green there. Not much onpage optimization going on at all. Lots of low page rank, too. Looks like an excellent keyword overall.

So, as long as the keyword or phrase has good commercial value, then you should be golden. Make sure to optimize the hell out of your page(s) and get some links with the target phrase as anchor text. Oh, and if you can get the phrase as your domain, you will pwn it.

Good luck.
yes it can be really easy if you can have the keyword in your domain name first without hyphens. Like or

Google gives a lot of importance to keywords in domain name. Also only 1 page has good no. of backlinks and lots of green in MS is a definite sign to go in for the kill
Thanks for the answers!

Does targeting words/phrases that are spelled incorrectly work out alright? If there's a decent amount of searches - Or would they just click the "Did you mean; xxxxx" thing google does instead of the websites?
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