Good IQ Quiz Affiliate Programs?


Junior Member
Jul 15, 2008
Can anyone recommend any good IQ Quiz affiliate programs? The quiz's that are spammed all the time on social networks and require a mobile pin submit at the end.

I'm looking for a nice one, either with a stand alone affiliate program or through a network. I have a large volume of traffic that would work great with an IQ quiz offer.

Rep+ thanks for help!

Just curious, what kind of traffic is best for an IQ quiz, smart people or dumb people? Or is it more like you want the dumb people who are too dumb to realize just how dumb they are, and therefore they think they're smart.
I reckon dumb peoplel would be best. think about it smart people will most likely not do it as it costs money...

Well for the op. I like the iq quizzes of adscent media. They have got a few good paying ones. If you feel generous pm me and I'll give u my affiliate link to them :p
mulidesign would you be so kind to at least share with all of us which network we are talking about and not only offer ur affiliate link please
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