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    Is it a good idea to have the term "free" before the keyword?

    for example, a keyword in question has a monthy search of ~390k. the domain "freekeyword" is available.

    good bet?


    also, i have a keyword that i can match the domain for a .com perfectly with 18k exact a month and little competition - the only problem is kinda useless lol. what would you do?
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    >good bet?

    Not necessarily. What about searches for "free keyword?" Also you must bear in mind the commercial intent is much less when you introduce "free" into the equation.

    > the only problem is kinda useless lol. what would you do?
    Depends on what you mean by "useless."
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    I totally agree that " free " takes any profit bearing edge right out the window. Especially with the modern business practices of the offline world bleeding over into the web e-commerce more and more. That means that people expect what they would get offline and much, much more for what they are getting offered as a baseline from you.

    If you put " free " in your domain name, it better be free in the initial offer or you are going to find yourself in scam/spam sites in a heartbeat for simple false advertising issues, which always translates straight to being a liar and brands you for life.

    Don't worry about having the keyword as the domain name. Look for something you can use as a unique company brand that will stand out for your customers that is easy to remember and fun to say. Make it something that can be used as a verb even if possible.

    Examples: " Google it and see what you find out. "

    " You should eBay all this stuff and empty your garage. "

    " Hey man, would you like a coke or something?...I've got Spryte, Dr. do-good, Mr. Tibbs. "

    Where you need to concern yourself with keyword branding your site is in backlinks descriptive linking. Instead of someone posting " you need to ' click here ' for this site. " needs to be keyword brand specific, like " We recommend this great new ' shampoo ' that plates your hair with gold. "

    Shampoo obviously being the keyword in that example.

    You should keyword brand when talking about your topics and link in your articles to your sales pages and information pages within...more importantly, the information pages, as it gives content about the product and educates the client to buy from you instead of avoiding a sales page too soon.

    Worry about your seo of putting your keyword brand in your marketing strategy where it can be cross-referenced like this in previously mentioned articles, blog posts, etc, and ESPECIALLY backlinks.

    Make your domain whatever you want it to be, have fun with it and as a rule of thumb, NEVER put free in it unless what you are offering from that site is completely free. It is misleading and breaks an already skiddish potential client base.
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    just sounds cheap - no no