Good, cheap hosting?


Sep 5, 2010
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Hey everyone,

Can somebody give me some options for web-hosting that's not so expensive? Maximum would be $7 a month, if possible. It's for launching a small website, nothing intense. And I would prefer a per month basis. I'm in the US.


Have you done a search?? There are tons here...
Just sent you a PM
I use hostgator but there is also bluehost and Godaddy
Is Godaddy good? I've heard people don't really like it. Any reason why?
Use HostGator, I used a coupon code and got
my first month for like a cent :D Incase you're
wondering the coupon code is:

I would advise against using registrars for hosting, as I would advise against using hosting companies for registrations.

A lot of the cheaper, more popular options are oversold such as bluehost and hostgator, especially on their db servers.

If you're just looking to serve up static pages, it probably won't matter much. Anything resource intensive or using mysql, you'll do well to spend some time finding a cheap and more reliable option.
I recommend hawkhost. pretty cheap and the load speed is faster than hostgator. (based on personal experience)
There is a share web hosting only $3.50/mo.
try google by cheap hosting .. you can get .. or try hostgator with some more budget
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