Good Anchor Vs Real Name Anchors!

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    I know relevance is key, but how much is the anchor! If your keyword density, title, URL and h tags are well layed out.

    Many comments platforms such as WordPress as can use spam protection (akismet), generally will trigger the spam protection and put comments straight into the 'to be moderated box', and in some cases admins prefer it just to be deleted.

    My question is a simple one, is anchor links with "Bob Jones", "Jimmy Lee" vs anchors like "Antique Cars" still valuable?

    I'm just debating wether if not I should even bother trying to get anchors keywords on commenting, or just use random names.

    Whats your thoughts on this issue.
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    The anchor text on your inbound links is probably one of the most important parts of SEO

    SEO is 2 parts:
    keyword density, title, URL and h tags are well layed out.


    your inbound links, the anchor, the trust of the page linking, the type of link, etc.

    Offpage SEO is most of what seo is. To use spam comments with 'Bob Jones' to your main site is going to be bad.

    Go to the marketplace, and look at how people who are selling packages are doing it . . then you'll get an understanding.
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    Bottom line, you need anchor text diversity. This can be your website url/name/business name/variations of KW etc.
    You need your keyword used in the anchor text if you are going to rank #1, but I just don't think you need to use it as much as people will tell you.
    What's the most important to me, is that my link is placed on a page with my KW's in the title and within the text my link is placed.

    Just my thoughts.
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