Gonna try this Yahoo answers strategy, what do you think?

Discussion in 'Social Networking Sites' started by florflor, May 21, 2011.

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    Well I've recently joined with a VPN service that rotates my IP each time I connect! And people don't use this VPN for marketing at all so I doubt its blacklisted or anything.

    I plan on spamming the hell out of Yahoo Answers. Right now I'm busy getting my accounts to L2 asap. Each time I connect I plan to create a new account for the new IP. At least 10 accounts. Probably I can get to L2 in 3 days just by answering questions and voting on them (voting racks em up quick).

    I ought to make some questions too, I don't normally do it but heard you should to avoid any red flags. Guess I'll just copy and paste sum from elsewhere on the site.

    I plan on answering my own questions. Any tips for staying under the radar? Obviously I'll never do any reciprocal Q&A between a pair of accounts. Maybe I'll do a kind of question to the right and answer to the left style strategy? Hoefully they can't catch that.

    What about just spamming the hell out of one account and dropping a link in every answer? Will all the answers get banned or do they still stay live?

    Also what about the fact they can kill answers with a common site? Is it a common domain or a common url? So if I can make unlimited individual urls (on the same domain) then that is safe?
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    noone can guarantee wheather your answers will be banned or not.

    but instead of putting so much effort in the blackhat part of this wouldn't it be easier to do it regullary? I mean by searching related questions and giving valuable answers? i mean this way you wouldn't have to create the questions and save time and effort. there are already tons of questions. just subscribe to the rss of the categories you need and connect it with google reader and one time per day look into it in order to find new questiions to your niche.
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    I have spammed yahoo a few times. Had 5 different accounts at one time and one of them was lv 2. I kept answering my own questions, (also pick your own answer as best answer it takes the search to the top). It took me some trial and error b/c some of the questions were deleted and the accounts banned. But eventually I got it right (at the time I made the mistake of having the same ip addy for all the accts.) Even with that, when they would ban an account, I would just start another one. Here are some tips:

    -Make the acct look real by answering other random questions about topics unrelated to what you are spamming about

    -Remember to keep making lvl 2 acct so all the same questions are being answered and voted best answer by the same lvl 1 accts.

    -When you have multiple accts, make sure you mix up the types of questions they answer so it will not look like spam.

    Good luck