Going wide or deep on your backlinking strategy?

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    Hey guys...

    Say you have you have a money site, about 6 web 2.0 properties pointing to that site, and about 10 - 20 unique articles from high quality directories pointing to that site too.

    Then you bookmarked, article blasted, forum and comment blasted, pinged, rss'd the whole backlink structure from the head to toe.

    At this point do you go deep or wide?

    In terms of your 1st tier backlink strategy, should you go wide and flesh out new web 2.0 properties or go deep and add more posts to the properties you already have? If you do go deep, how often do you update your web 2.0's with new content?

    Should you go wide and add more 1st tier and 2nd tier backlinks or go deep and even add 3rd or possibly 4th tier backlinks?

    Should you flesh out new articles from different high quality directories or should you keep adding articles to the directories you have?

    I'm sure you should do ALL of this, but as you all know we only have 24 hour in our day so we have to prioritize. So what take precedence - going wide or deep?
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    I come from a land downunder
    I really try to keep it totally spur of the moment and totally random. just keep doing more of everything.
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    I'd prefer wider... The deeper link building worked for me. But when go to tier 4 or 5. i cant see much difference. I'd go up to tier 3 and then go wider...