Going around page with exit popup?


Dec 2, 2008
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Most PPV companies will not allow a page that have an exit popup.

Does anyone have a clue how to disable the exit popup if there is one in the end of my direct link ?
Generally there are different landing pages without exit pop up included in offers which allows ppv advertising.Which network are you talking about ? For example in neverblue,you can find them on other creatives tab.If not included,just let your AM know and i'm pretty sure he/she will give you the ppv and media buying friendly landing page link.
Ok, but what if there isn't ? ;) Is there a way around it? is there any trick I can do ?

This also affects cookie stuffing.... ;)
Just let me know the network or program.
Unfortunatly i don't know any solution for clickbank.But if you are thinking about pushing high volume,you can ask to the owner if they have a ppv friendly landing page.You can also cloak your link but more likely you may end up banning from ppv network.
or you can do this.

on your own server make a new folder with a file in it called index.php

in the index.php file insert this code;

header( 'Location: http://www.yoursite.com/' ) ;

simply put a non pop url in the yoursite.com and wait for approval from the network. Once approved you simply add whatever version of the landing page you want.

Its a simple php redirect but it works beautifully.
get ur link approved then switch it. ofcourse use a link that redirects so you can change it on your end
So the networks approve and go on, there is no recheck over time ?
I have launched hundreds of campaigns like that and only once did I get caught. I got an email from my AM asking me not to do it again. Since then I have only done it about 300 times more. seriously, they won't care at all.
Hello guys

i've tried this method to avoid the restriction on leadimpact
about targeting the same url of the offer i'm promoting
but it doesn't work. After my campaign and URLs got approved,
i've deactivated it, changed the second php in the php of the landing page
and reactivated the campaign.
Everything is active but no traffic.

Do you have another idea??
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