godaddy Request to Unlock Account

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    Jun 24, 2010
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    i noticed one of my site was not being found or whatever you call it when you visit it and i went to check into my nameserver and tried signing into godaddy and got this....

    Your account has been selected by our verification office to confirm  recent purchase activity. This precautionary step is taken as a security  measure to defend you, our valued customer, from online predators and  identity theft. To substantiate this account, please take a few moments  to upload the payment method account holder?s identification. Acceptable  forms of identification are government issued photo documents such as a  driver?s license or passport. These actions are not intended to  implicate involvement in spurious purchase activity. Providing the  requested documentation ensures the integrity of your payment method is  preserved through substantial validation.
     Your information is safe with us! Your documentation will be safely  delivered directly to our Fraud Prevention experts and handled in a  secure environment.
     If there are reservations regarding the security of personal information, please refer to our published [URL="'','privacypolicy_window','resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,width=800,height=700');privacypolicy_window.focus()"]Privacy Policy[/URL].
    [URL="'','reseller_window','resizable=yes,scrollbars=yes,width=1200,height=850');reseller_window.focus()"], Inc.[/URL] Customer Protection Team

    Anyone else gets this, ive been purchasing domains with them for a year solid...

    anyone know where i can purchase a .info with no hassel will be a movie black hat type site....