Godaddy auctions seem to really screw you.

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by Ampix0, May 10, 2012.

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    I just put up my old domain on godaddy auctions about... maybe a week and a half ago id say. I know the domain is worth a lot of money, the Alexa rank is under 1,000,000 and has over 700 backlinks. The domain is good. So anyway

    I paid my $5 membership fee and then $25 to make it a featured domain (I said, what the hell, that must be a good idea) and listed my domain. So I am now $30 in at the action, but with featured domain! So a lot of people must be seeing it right?! WRONG. I even lowered the asking bid (which doesn't actually mean anything) to $300, and the domain name is worth quite a bit, not to mention it's 9 years old I believe (may need to double check that).

    Long story short, paaid $30 at godaddy auctions to list domain, 2 weeks later it has 26 views.

    It still has 83 days left, but i fear it is not being seen by the right people. This domain would be GOLD to a security or protection company.
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    I also went through this. You may want to contact them and cancel the featured thing, I did the same too when I realized my domain was barely seen because of this. They will refund you.

    However, all my PR domains that have strong backlinks that I list on Godaddy, receive bids and attention from other websites that display backlinks of each auctioned domain and PR etc.. like
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    PM me your domain name. I might be interested.