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    I have moved one of my GoDaddy parked domains to their free 5 page hosting, which they take the top 150 pixels or so to promote their company.

    I have like 40 more parked at GoDaddy which they use for themselves. It takes a little time to go through their template setup, but should I go ahead and do it? I can pop in affiliate products for people to browse if they happen upon the page. Name cost $0.99 cents, then my time to put the affiliate code in.

    One other question, will it benefit it for later because Google I would think would index it, which if it is parked, it likely would not since Google would pick up that it is parked. Just seems like of course it would be good to do, but is it worth it?

    Here is an example of one I threw up, mainly just trying to see how it looks and what all I can do with it, which is not much. No PHP that I could see, JS is allowed.
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