Godaddy $1.99 .info trick current Sept. 2012

Discussion in 'Domain Names & Parking' started by mouthpaw, Sep 6, 2012.

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    I couldn't find any better deals out there for .infos at godaddy than $1.99. There's a bit of rigamarole involved. Maybe it should be called "$1.99 .info rigamarole" instead ;).

    Godaddy advertises that .infos are free with a .com purchase, but they happen to also be free with .net or .org, which makes it easier to search for the name you want by using the bulk register tool.

    step 1: in bulk register tool, put in the name(s) you'd like then select .com, .net, and .org (by adding .net and .org, you have a better chance of getting the available .info if the .com happens to be taken). Don't choose the .info, that'll come later in checkout. click submit.
    step 2. keep the names you want checked, uncheck all the doubled names (you don't need the .net and .org of one name to complete this trick). go to checkout.
    step 3. skip the 437 godaddy upsells and get to the cart review. For each domain in your cart, on the right side of the domain details, godaddy shows a list that says "get these matching domains". If the .info for your name is available, it'll say "free with .comor .co". Select the .info for all your names. They'll be added to your cart.
    step 4: delete all the .com, .net, and .orgs that you originally chose in the bulk register. This leaves your .infos, which are no longer free, but are still only $1.99 (as opposed to $11.99 or whatever.)

    The other godaddy promos I'm aware of that are current for 9/12 are $2.95 for one .com (google "2.95 godaddy domain" and click godaddy's adwords ad) and $4.95 for .coms using the code "LKSRTL495".
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    Thank you! save me $$ to reg few .infos

    By the way, this also works with .me (the name I was about to reg'd is taken on com/net/org)
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    Thank You....