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    Are you operating a small to mid-size technology company, and wonder about the best ways to raise capital and expand? Have you ever wanted to go public, but don?t feel

    comfortable with the complexities?

    Why go public? According to expert advisors at Start-up Investment, public companies have a greater visibility and status in the open market. The act of going public is an opportunity for a great deal of publicity, which also attracts more investors and clients. It indicates incentive to grow and a level of stability. These qualities attract investors and impress potential consumers and clients of the company. A public company can have a greater number of shareholders. This pool of shareholders can become a valuable resource for further fundraising. Public companies can offer shares to employees, fostering goodwill and retention of happy employees. Shares of stock on a public company can be sold on the open market, thus increasing liquidity which is appealing to investors. Furthermore, because the stock of a public company has a value, the stock can be used as a currency to facilitate mergers and acquisitions.

    There is no doubt that taking your company to this higher level will come with its challenges. The company will be exposed to more public scrutiny, regulations, and fiduciary obligations than before. The process of preparing for an IPO is time consuming, complicated, and has inherent costs involved. What you will need is the help of an expert at Start-up Investment who has been through all of this before and can guide your company every step of the way. This is exactly the service that Start-up Investment provides.