Glue - Backlink Auditing Desktop Application (Alpha Testers Needed!)

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm looking for a handful of fellow BHWs who might be interested in testing a tool I recently put together. It's still in very early stages, but if you are interested in helping now you also get the benefit of having a free tool (for now) at your disposal.

    If you have ever wanted to monitor the backlinks you are building you've probably come across some great tools to help you see which links stick and which ones are washed away. Those tools tend to focus on which links are indexed and the authority they are passing back to you.

    Glue is not intended to replace those great tools. Instead, it is meant to provide a simple way of auditing which link campaigns (self built or paid services) are resulting in sticky links. Knowing this can help you determine which campaigns are worth continuing.

    What's the point of monitoring baclinks?
    In many cases it is considered a waste of time to check dead backlinks because it's more efficient to keep building new ones. However, it is not a waste of time to understand whether the backlink report you just received from your service provider contains mostly working backlinks.

    How does the tool work?
    Currently, you can enter a search term, timeout setting, and a text dump of URLs that you want to test against. The software simply spins through your list of URLs and checks if your search string is found anywhere in the page. URLs are tested first on whether they can be resolved and are available. If they pass the timeout test and if your text is found they get put into a "Good" list. If not they go into the "Bad" list.

    What's in the future?
    Other features I would like to eventually add include:
    • Multithreading to improve performance for large URL lists
    • Keyword search expressions (not just a static string of text)
    • Import URL lists from a tabbed Excel file
    • Import URL lists from another URL
    • Import URL lists by scraping Google search results
    • Define campaigns and track history over time

    What are the system requirements?
    The application is built using Java 8 so I recommend downloading the latest JRE for your machine.

    How do I signup for testing?
    Just leave a message in this thread and I will provide a VirusTotal link via PM. Please understand that I am only looking for a handful of testers currently but as the tool develops the list may expand :)

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