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Global Information Network - A personal review.

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Gary Carlyle, Aug 30, 2010.

  1. Gary Carlyle

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    Aug 27, 2010
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    I am going to try and write a review. I have never been the most articulate or academic person. But I really LOVE the time I have spent with my new G.I.N family.

    The legal business structure of the Global Information Network is that of a foundation, but it is actually a members helping members network, with a networking/affiliate marketing component. GIN has been compared to the Freemasons, and yes some top Masons were instrumental in its formation along with some top people from other so called secret societies.

    These FOUNDERS are no small brained people. We are talking some of the most influential and successful people in the world. Some have never been involved with anything affiliate related and they are what I would call 'old skool types'. But I think it is great that they are now some of the top proponents of OUR affiliate marketing industry.

    There is what some may call a 'big fee' to join GIN. $1,000 initiation fee and $150/month dues. But even though I am born to a poor family. I consider (now) the price to be very good value. In fact, the knowledge and connections I have made I would consider priceless. I have discovered that ALL of us have immense value to 'society' and we are ALL priceless. In GIN we take pleasure in mentoring people to discover their true worth and how to leverage that so even $1,000 is small pocket change. Plus people are welcome to become an affiliate instead of becoming a full member. Becoming an affiliate is free and there is loads of free training for affiliates to get them started RIGHT.

    Now, I am writing this all from my heart. I know I should use NLP but I think if either you apply critical thinking or if you feel it out with your instincts, you will draw the right conclusions about GIN. But then again, I took MASSIVE ACTION. I sold most of my stuff to join GIN, but I am glad I did.

    The core subjects in GIN are relating to making money, becoming free of external false authority, law of attraction and elite health.

    These concepts are taught by 'experts? such as Dr.Coldewell and Kevin Truaduea. If you have not heard of Kevin, he is worth something like $150M, if I am correct. He is one of Americas' biggest authors, he practically invented the whole infomercial industry and he is also the original founder of Naturalcures.com. He has come under a lot of scrutiny and yes he got in trouble with the 'feds'. But what a lot of people don?t realise is that he has also been a victim of a smear campaign against him by his former brethren in THE BROTHERHOOD. He left due to his dismay at some of what he would call selfish and dangerous business practices. He decided to set up GIN with others to create a new global hi-tech super-society. See when you?re a top industrialist the best way to make money is either to make people need your product or to actually empower your customer base so they can afford to buy your products in the first place. We define these two groups as VALUE CREATORS AND VALUE DESTROYERS. I will let you decide where you fall in this paradigm. Personally I think it is a much better definition then GOOD and EVIL.

    I am not able to give exact details of the information that I have been privy too lately. But what I can say is, personally, I can testify, that all the claims on the website have been proven honest. See, FULLY INTEGRATED HONESTY is one of the concepts we like to propagate. 'We' don?t believe in good and evil per se and we also don?t 'believe? in false law of the sea doctrines that only serve to protect the revenue and power circles controlled by the central banks. and trust me. None of their policies are to help benefit ANYBODY here. Man made 'laws? are not real laws. And any physicist will confirm this. Unless they are being 'bribed' of course. The REAL laws consist of only two. Not to hurt people and not to steal. These form the basics of most constitutions and what we are all born knowing already. Now I am not going to devolve too much more about our AGENDA. I am sure you can complete the dots to form the SUPER-PUZZLE in your mind.

    When you get to the level I am now at, you will find money pretty irrelevant, but here are some of the benefits and most are money related. We could offer this stuff for free. But nobody see?s as much value in anything that is free and also money is like the oil the lubricates the machinery. Especially in distribution and dissemination of information. And yes. If you have been thinking that information is the best industry to be in right now then you are a smart person. Of course, it has little base cost and is free to copy. In fact, if you copy what we do and start your own projects we would LOVE you for it.

    Some of the subjects covered include:

    * How to make money and create wealth.
    * How to invest and trade in equities, commodities, and currencies.
    * How to invest in real estate.
    * Asset protection, setting up trusts, foundations, and corporate structures.
    * Raising money, getting credit, financing and venture capital or investors for business ventures.
    * Opening offshore bank accounts.
    * Getting a second passport.
    * Living abroad.
    * Buying and investing in gold and silver and other precious metals.
    * How, where and when to invest for maximum profits.
    * New ground floor business opportunities.
    * How to get out of debt, fix bad credit and increase credit scores.
    * How to set up and prosper in home based businesses.
    * How to buy real estate with little or no money down.
    * How to make money in mail order, TV infomercials, direct response marketing and internet businesses.
    * How to develop wealth and secure retirement.
    * How to get grants that never have to be paid back.
    * How others have turned a $1,000 investment into millions of dollars in just a few years.
    * How members have made investment returns of 300% -3,000%.
    * How to use the law of attraction and other advanced techniques to have, be or do everything you desire.
    * How to attract things into your life such as a new car, better job or career, a lover or better relationship or even better health.
    * How to develop emotional well being, be happier, more fulfilled, eliminate depression and anxiety.
    * How to overcome fears, phobias and insecurities.
    * How to remove blocks and feel happy whatever the financial or emotional climate you are facing.
    * How to feel powerful, and in control with all people and in all situations.
    * How to read energy, virtually read people?s minds, expand your psychic ability and predict the future
    * How to gain confidence, and a feeling of security and certainty in life.
    * How to get people to like you.
    * Dramatically improve your health and learn the natural non drug and non surgical ways to cure and prevent virtually every disease.
    * You will learn the closely guarded secrets of various secret societies and what really goes on behind closed doors in these powerful controlling groups, and how it could affect you and your future.
    * How others have raised $10k cash In 24 hours and made over $100k cash in just 90 days.
    * How to create a perpetual money making machine, giving you a permanent monthly residual income from various sources from around the world.
    * How to save up to 70% off most of the goods and services you are currently buying from year to year.
    * How to maintain an inner sense of calm and control, whatever the outer conditions you are facing might be.
    * How to get trips, vacations, and cars for free or at dramatically reduced prices.
    * You will have inside information on the unexplained, unidentified flying objects, and things like extrasensory perception or psychic phenomena.

    Yeah that?s a huge list and yeah some of it sounds far fetched. But it is NOTHING compared to what you will really learn about yourself, others, this planet, your true world history and in fact the mechanics of the universe.

    Full membership = FEE.
    Affiliate = FREE.

    Google Global Information Network and see how you feel about joining.

    My Affiliate code is: 1503393

    Join with me as your mentor and I will mentor you closely with one of the FOUNDERS. Who is a MASTER marketer and a genuine genius or join with anybody you want. But what ever you do CONSIDER becoming a part of what we are doing. Because this is not a game???.. ITS CHESS

    We are moving for CHECK-MATE.


    FREEDOM: 2

    I look forward to reading any questions or comments.

    Remember. You have been programmed to FEAR.

    There is no fear. There is no scarcity. There is UNLIMITED LOVE AND ABUNDANCE.

    Peace and light.

    -Gary Carlyle.
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2010