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Apr 20, 2018
hello friends a pleasure to belong to this wonderful forum and I take this message (since I have no other option) to put a public complaint to a user of this forum, so I see is not active (@spyguyzz) sells service creation of bing ads, adwords, coupons and other accounts

I hired the services of this guy and I was sadly swindled, now the subject does not appear anywhere and left all his services is no longer active by any means, so be very careful with this class of people
Hello @mabegu5000 and welcome to Black Hat World.

If you are a buyer and are dissatisfied with the service of a seller, you can apply for a thread in our "" section where it will be overseen by a moderator. Be sure to include any proof you have to help substantiate your accusation, but do not include any of the seller's personal info, such as his real name, physical address, phone number, etc. That is the proper way to resolve your dispute on BHW.

Thank You - "Wiz"
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