Given MC999 for selling authentic stuff

Discussion in 'Ebay' started by doronkrut, May 29, 2013.

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    Been selling some All-Star Converse shoes i got in a liquidation shop-100% authentic no question about it.
    Ebay removed all my listings and asked for receipts, i sent them in and after one week i was told im no longer able to sell on ebay.
    They said i wasent selling through an authorized converse dealer.
    What the F does that mean?
    I dont even have strength to appeal again):
    The shoes are authentic- pictures are not out of the internet- got my hand showing everywhere, what can it be and what should i do?
    Ebay are making it so hard for me- maybe i should just go stealth and get on with it...
  2. Furious George

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    Dec 13, 2012
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    The bottom line - you sold something the rights owner wasn't okay with

    You need to make a new account without leaving any links to your old one.
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    That has been an issue for a while. Many people are in the process of suing major labels and eBay. If it were up to Converse (the company) then their shoes could only be sold by retailers they Want to have them sold by and especially not sold on eBay. This is because a second hand market for your products affects the first hand (retail) market of your products giving you less control over pricing. For example. Converse wants to sell shoes at $99.99 but their used ones are selling for $19.99 on eBay. Even less informed customers are going to buy from eBay and this is not what Nike, Coach, Chanel, Tiffany, Gucci, Prada, Hermes( and well, just about everyone) wants. However, as a consumer you have a small amount of rights to products you have purchased and you are allowed to sell them second hand that fall under the Consumer Protection Act. A lot of people on eBay ask me how Im able to sell 200+ units of Monster Beats by Dr. Dre headphones on eBay per month, and my answer is the CPA. It took me about a year to get it to the point where I could sell these freely.
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    How old is the account? If it is fairly new is will get done every time. I am finding out no matter legit or not if they believe they are not they will shut you down anyway.