[Giveaway] I will translate/clean up your sales thread/post

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    It's Christmas time and there's no need to be afraid....So says Paul Young on the original Band Aid single which I am watching on YouTube and in the spirit of Christmas and the fact that I have now drunk 2 glasses of white wine, 1 bottle of Corona and 3 Baileys so far tonight (and it's only 19.20), I feel gloriously merry. So, in the guise of helping my fellow man (or woman)...

    This is probably aimed at non-native English speakers (but anyone can take advantage), for the first 10 people who need it, I will clean up your sales thread/post and ensure it reads well, is grammatically correct and looks as though English is your native tongue. This should help your sales as to be honest, I wouldn't buy from someone who puts out a crappy sales thread.

    Just PM me and I will sort it out for you and I won't mention who I have done it for so your work stays private.