[Giveaway] Free Gmail Accounts

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Hi BHW, Albert Again Come with Another Giveaway of Gmail Accounts. In This Giveaway i am Giving Free 15 Gmail Accounts to every member with at least 100 Posts. i Have 30 People
limit in This Giveaway Each member who meets the requirements just Fill the Forms.

URL -- >> https://goo.gl/forms/quElrFiDnrf9NZWF2

Giveaway Details:
- All Accounts are %100 Checked Before Send.
- no Profile Pic Added.
- You Can log in From Any Location ( must be Good ips )
- All Details Added in Excel File ( Recover etc... )

Member Requirements:
- Must Have 100 Post
- Leave comment in thread before PM
- Fill Forms with Valid Details

Thank You.

Do I have any chance plz I really need one, sigh!
Count me in. Filled up the form
OP, next time read the rules of the freebies section.
There's times where you will have to Private Message members in order to give them their free information, service, item, etc. They MUST request this within your thread first. At NO POINT are you allowed to direct any member to a website, instant messenger address, email address, form or signature. The member should get ONLY the information that fulfills your freebie/giveaway via PM REPLY. Anything else will be considered advertising/selling and you will be in violation of the rules.
You MAY NOT collect any information (in any form) from BlackHatWorld's members. This includes, but is not limited to, emails/user names/instant message details/etc. In short, there's no list building allowed.
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