[GiveAway] Chaturbate WL Script - Switch from Revshare to PPL

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    If you are using Chaturbate WhiteLabels you know that they ONLY offer RevShare. I wanted to try WhiteLabel with them but they do not offer PPL with their WhiteLabel programs. I even contacted support and they told me they couldn't do that even tho I am a fairly reputable affiliate with them.

    I just found this script this morning and thought it would be helpful to anyone who is currently using their WhiteLabel program and want to use it with PPL instead ($1 per free signups no email required!)

    The script is on NoMoneyInPorn.org At the time of writing this it is the 3rd one down. "Chaturbate WhiteLabel Script" There's also a demo button on there to show that this is currently working.

    In return for my share does anyone care to explain how to use this script? Would be very beneficial to myself and others who do not know scripting/coding/programming.
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    looks nice for chaturbate affiliates