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    hey guys.. okay so pretty much I have been doing what people call "vlogs" on youtube for the past 230 days I have made a video every single day... well a few days a go finally got partnered.. anyways i have like 2k subscribers and get a lot of thumbs up and stuff but my videos are only getting like 300 or 400 views per day... what should I be doing in terms of tagging my videos etc.. to take this to the next level... any advice is welcomed but I'm keeping this as white/gray hat as i can =p peace
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    If you have really interesting videos, ask your subscribers to put it in favorites, write in subscribers and friends walls (you need attractive avatar), to get links to your channel. When someone lists you as friens, say thanks on his wall -> more views->more subscribers. This is white hat method :)

    Download Tube Toolbox, hide "subscribers section" on your channel, and subscribe with tube toolbox to new profiles with no friends and subscribers. If you have interesting avatar, you'll get a couple of visitors.

    Put announces on twitter and facebook, submit your videos to stumbleupon, reddit, digg, mixx.
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    1. The art of Copywriting isn't dead with video. If your titles aren't compelling nobody cares.
    2. When your video shows up in search results, is embeded and is posted on facebook, youtube shows a freeze from that is either at .25, .5, or .75 of the way through the video, include attractive things at those points (e.g. funny pictures, lolcats... oh, and hot chicks ;) )
    3. 3. Make sure you're telling your visitors to thumbs up your video and like it. Also, make sure they fan you on facebook and each video you post feeds to your facebook, you will DEFINITELY benefit from some facebook virality that way.
    4. Last but not least, but obviously, make better videos. The more entertaining, informative or outrageous your video, the more someone will want to share it.


    (sorry, I had to)
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    Use many keywords related to your video in title, description and in tags.
    Make tags like: keyword 1, keyword 2, keyword 3

    not like: keyword 1 2 3