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    Hi, i am new to internet marketing.. I am just starting. Filling in some IM knowledge and other stuff.. here now, suffering from "info loaded".. I cant concentrate and think of other good ideas. All ideas i came up are kinda old and been used by many already. (I thought it and suddenly i found out its already there lol!) I have few websites, some are micro niche sites but its not earning. I do not know how to monetize it, maybe because it has zero enough traffic?

    Now, I have some free resources, autoresponder (free), technical know-how, i can buy articles but i do not know where and how to start. How will i use it? I had bought so many WSOs but still useless for me. All backlinks did not help either.

    Can you suggest ideas? anyone?

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    First thing i would do is invest in a backlinking software so that you can get your sites ranked and earning....once they are ranked you can offer ad space on your site to have money in your pocket to help pay for expenses.

    The key in any business is to scale....make $5 take it and turn in into $10 then take that and turn it into $30 it up:)

    Dont give up because a particular thing isnt working try to find solutions and keep at it.
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    What skills do you have at the moment?