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Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by crosscheck, Aug 13, 2011.

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    Here is a little share that I will help with over this weekend. I have some time to give back to BHW. ( I have a wife and 4 kids gotta leave some time for them too:) )
    I am going to put a limit of 5 BHW members with at least 50 posts. Why 50 post limit? I want to help people that are working, learning and making a contribution.

    I know some people have a little difficulty setting up a FB canvas/app to create a "Like To Reveal" Tab.

    I do not have time to "design" you need to take care of this !

    What I require from you. I need your Custom App Name as well as the following.

    1. Your canvas design #1 with the size of 520px X 640px This is what a non-fan will see when they arrive at your FP(if you keep this size you won't get scroll bars)
    2. You may have your canvas click-able or a click-able Hot Spot (let me know the url and or Hot Spot you want click-able.... should you go this route)
    3. Your canvas #2 This is what will be "Revealed" after Liking!

    • This can be a second Canvas ( I need the same details as #1)

    • This can be a YT Channel ( I need channel name)

    • This can be a Twitter Feed (I need twitter name)

    • This can be a Image ( I need the Image)

    • This can be simple text ( I need the text.... if you want it pimped out send it in html )
    4. This is open to the first 5 members with 50 posts that have ALL their shit together and ready to go! I will not go back and forth to get more details and information.
    5. Show your interest in this thread and get your design and plan together then PM me when you are ready.
    6. I will post in the thread when 5 spots are taken :)
    7. If I have time and this goes smoooth I may do it again.

    It is now 2:15 am Pacific UTC-8 my time I'm going to bed and will hit this in the morning when I wake up and the Kids have cooked me breakfast.

    **Disclaimer** I will need to be a admin to your page for 5 min. If you are not cool with it or comfortable with it then need not apply.
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    I dont think anyone would be willing to give admin access man. Good luck.
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    Yes i also think so , but wish someone will give you :)