Give away 50 pages fully optimized site for Free


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Feb 12, 2010
Hi all,

I am giving away a 50 Pages fully monetized my internet marketing site for free. Only you need to pay me for the domain cost that is $7 which i spend on godaddy and get the whole site for free. Site is fully optimized and monetized with adsense and clickbank.

PM me know if any one interested.I will send the website URL.And transfer the site.
Any chance of posting the url here or at least an example of the pages ?


No.. I don't want to post the URL here because the site is now in auction in some places and i don't want that every one should know that i am giving it free here.
huhu please sent me some more infos?! which niche etc? or the url

Guys should take note of Copyright issues or any legal stuffs that may already occurred to the domain itself before jumping on free stuff. Don't blindly take when it could mean trouble being transferred to you instead. If it sounds too good to be true, it could be.

Not sure why OP would rather give away them instead of keeping it if it is really profitable or even when it is available auction in flippa. Not trying to say anything bad, but just a warning to those interested and don't blindly invite trouble to your own self.
Holiday is coming, think twice before you take on the responsibility of those sites including what the website's past transaction.
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