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    Well, hello there!
    As I see Gmaud getting great attention, I thought I'll give it a shot with that phrase in the headline.

    I'm a 27 yo male from South Germany.
    At the moment I'm doin a second apprenticeship in information science (first one was on sales) and well, I don't earn any money. Because of financial crisis and things my contract was made under the presumption that the local job centre was paying my bills. They did until the very end of last year. As I'm doing a 9-5 job (plus 2 hours transit time) I don't have the opportunity to do a parttime-job anywhere near me. So, I came to BHW in the hope to find a chance to pay my bills.

    I don't have much money nor time, as I have to learn for vocational school and get all my things done, so I desperately hope in learning and making some cash here. If you have suggestions for a start, apart from reading the forums, I'll greatly appreciate your help. I can spend an hour per day to work on that and my goal will be 200$ / month. At least this'll get my rent and food payed.

    Thank you for contributing.

    P.S. I'd be glad if someone could tell me why my initial post on AC was deleted, although I'm quite sure it met the requirements and didn't break any forum rule.

    P.P.S. Sorry for my slightly underripe english. If you post in german, I'll be generous overlooking your mistakes ;).
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