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    Well, 500$ , WU
    Thing is first i sent using paypal and he refunded after a while cuz it didnt work something with pending ..

    Braveheart2131 - NICKNAME (SKYPE) I think he blocked me, but i dont get any "user isnt sharing information with u" just looks offline :|

    He has a friend also that sells "status updates" on fan page "facebook O0_0" something like that

    [25/03/2012 12:57:22] Yaniv: lol ... what ?
    [25/03/2012 12:57:28] Yaniv: its a comment that gets alot of likes
    [25/03/2012 12:57:29] Yaniv: lol
    [25/03/2012 12:57:32] Brave Heart: you hacker?
    [25/03/2012 12:57:39] Yaniv: ok man write whatever u want
    [25/03/2012 12:57:40] Yaniv: just something that gets likes
    [25/03/2012 12:57:44] Yaniv: so i can see activity
    [25/03/2012 12:57:47] Yaniv: hhhhhhh hacker
    [25/03/2012 12:57:48] Yaniv: i wish
    [25/03/2012 12:57:49] Yaniv: :)
    [25/03/2012 12:58:27] Yaniv: ???
    [25/03/2012 14:54:20] Yaniv: lol .. man why did u del my msg ? :(
    [25/03/2012 14:54:21] Yaniv: haha..
    [25/03/2012 14:55:15] Yaniv: anyway dude.. im no hacker .. :| its just a message that we post to check activity cuz everybody writes and likes so it makes your activity better as well :)
    [25/03/2012 14:57:18] Yaniv: anyway man nevermind just wanted u to know im not a hacker :|
    [25/03/2012 15:00:45] Yaniv: k man anyway if u dont wanna sell so nevermind
    [25/03/2012 22:15:34] Yaniv: Can you just explain me if you wannna sell it or not ? wtf ..
    [25/03/2012 22:15:53] Brave Heart: yes dude
    [25/03/2012 22:16:13] Yaniv: ok,
    [25/03/2012 22:16:19] Yaniv: so can we do this deal now ?
    [25/03/2012 22:16:36] Yaniv: all I want is that u post some comment there so I see its your page.. and if u go offline again I get the hint
    [25/03/2012 22:17:59] Brave Heart: are u a hacker?
    [25/03/2012 22:18:09] Yaniv: man why do u say im hacker
    [25/03/2012 22:18:17] Yaniv: im not a hacker haha ..
    [25/03/2012 22:18:23] Yaniv: i am a person that looks for a fan pae
    [25/03/2012 22:18:25] Yaniv: page*
    [25/03/2012 22:18:45] Brave Heart: look...i am protective of my pages...someone has hacked one of my pages this way
    [25/03/2012 22:18:55] Yaniv: what do u mean this way
    [25/03/2012 22:18:56] Yaniv: how ?
    [25/03/2012 22:19:36] Yaniv: listen i am not a hacker and not a scammer. all I want is that you proove to me that this is your page, so I know that YOU are not a scammer
    [25/03/2012 22:19:40] Yaniv: and I can pay 550$
    [25/03/2012 22:19:47] Yaniv: so we do it fast instead of wasting time
    [25/03/2012 22:20:46] Yaniv: now tell me do you want or not? I dont have power to disccuss it any more it become mission impossible, first u say you want to sell then you dont want then i am hacker then i am not..
    [25/03/2012 22:21:54] Yaniv: I have my own fan pages as well i just want to buy more
    [25/03/2012 22:25:34] Yaniv: K DUDE I DEL YOU .. YOU DONT SEEM LIKE U WANT TO SELL IT
    [25/03/2012 23:59:59] *** Show messages from: יום*שני 26 מרץ 2012 - יום*חמישי 29 מרץ 2012 ***
    [00:33:10] Brave Heart: you OWN them?
    [00:33:25] Yaniv: some of them
    [00:33:33] Yaniv: anyway
    [00:33:35] Yaniv: all of them are sold now
    [00:33:36] Yaniv: lol
    [00:33:39] Yaniv: what about your 1M page ?
    [00:33:46] Yaniv: i can buy it straight away
    [00:33:55] Brave Heart: sold too
    [00:33:59] Yaniv: hmm
    [00:34:00] Yaniv: k
    [00:35:14] Yaniv: no more pages?
    [00:35:49] Brave Heart: hold on
    [00:36:27] Yaniv: do it fast, as I pay on the spot
    [00:42:17] Brave Heart: there?
    [00:42:59] Yaniv: K man, i am on skype (on phone LET ME KNOW) I buy ALL Pages that are big, and price is no issue
    [00:43:16] Yaniv: oh
    [00:43:17] Yaniv: yes
    [00:46:29] Yaniv: k yes
    [00:46:30] Yaniv: whats up
    [00:47:23] Brave Heart:
    [00:47:37] Yaniv: thats all ?
    [00:47:42] Yaniv: only this one
    [00:47:43] Yaniv: ?
    [00:48:09] Yaniv: i need to go .. what are the insights ? (geo, countires)
    [00:48:52] Brave Heart:
    [00:49:01] Yaniv: thats a bit better
    [00:49:04] Yaniv: any more ?
    [00:49:14] Brave Heart: no
    [00:49:16] Yaniv: ok
    [00:49:20] Yaniv: show me insights for these pages
    [00:49:22] Yaniv: and price please
    [00:49:26] Yaniv: if its good i buy it now
    [00:50:33] Yaniv: just fast man ..
    [00:54:22] Yaniv: ???
    [00:54:26] Yaniv: u got insights for it ?
    [00:54:35] Yaniv: the second one
    [00:54:37] Yaniv: i wnat to buy
    [00:55:10] Brave Heart: yes...hold on
    [01:01:03] *** Brave Heart sent page2.jpg ***
    [01:01:27] Yaniv: םל
    [01:01:28] Yaniv: ok
    [01:01:30] Yaniv: for second
    [01:01:30] Yaniv: _
    [01:01:31] Yaniv: ?
    [01:03:20] Yaniv: u gt the second insights/
    [01:03:22] Yaniv: ?
    [01:03:27] Brave Heart: sorry...not ready for sale right now
    [01:03:32] Brave Heart: the second
    [01:03:36] Yaniv: why not ?
    [01:03:39] Yaniv: i mean what reason
    [01:03:41] Yaniv: i can pay good price
    [01:03:45] Yaniv: if u sell it now on the spot
    [01:04:02] Yaniv: 1500$ now
    [01:04:32] Yaniv: the other one is small.. its like 250$ :| just to have another page tbh
    [01:07:36] Brave Heart: hold on
    [01:09:02] Brave Heart: ok..let's go with the smaller one
    [01:09:17] Yaniv: the smaller one isnt something for me
    [01:09:17] Yaniv: :\
    [01:11:45] Yaniv: sec let me check it again :|
    [01:11:50] Yaniv: when will the other one be for sell
    [01:11:50] Yaniv: ?
    [01:12:03] Brave Heart: pretty soon
    [01:12:27] Yaniv: what is soon
    [01:12:29] Yaniv: i need to know
    [01:12:33] Yaniv: if to save the money
    [01:12:34] Yaniv: or not
    [01:12:44] Yaniv: and why dont u sell it, cuz u want to grow it more and get more $ for it ?
    [01:13:25] Yaniv: k i take the small one
    [01:13:27] Yaniv: give me ur paypal
    [01:13:42] Yaniv: so u know ALWAYS when u have pages msg me and i will buy them
    [01:13:43] Yaniv: :)
    [01:14:30] Brave Heart:
    [01:14:37] Brave Heart: this also available
    [01:14:46] Yaniv: insights
    [01:15:10] *** Brave Heart sent page1.jpg ***
    [01:15:39] Yaniv: k listen
    [01:15:41] Yaniv: make some post
    [01:15:44] Yaniv: so i know u own them
    [01:18:07] Yaniv: u make a post?
    [01:18:21] Yaniv: as i said im bit in a hurry now
    [01:18:28] Yaniv: so send me ur paypal, make some psot there
    [01:18:31] Yaniv: and i send money
    [01:19:00] Brave Heart: OK.....i will post "I AM HAPPY"
    [01:19:09] Yaniv: k
    [01:19:11] Yaniv: on both
    [01:19:21] Yaniv: as I asked, why isnt the one u showed me for sale ?
    [01:19:22] Yaniv: the price?
    [01:20:22] Yaniv: k 1st i saw
    [01:22:05 | Edited 01:22:17] Brave Heart: saw them?.....
    [01:22:38] Yaniv: yes
    [01:22:41] Yaniv: send me paypal
    [01:22:49] Yaniv: and explanation why u dont sell the other one .. is it the price ?
    [01:22:52] Yaniv: i really want it
    [01:22:55] Yaniv: REALLY
    [01:22:55] Yaniv: :)
    [01:23:09] Brave Heart: i will sell it in coming week
    [01:23:16] Yaniv: but leave it
    [01:23:17] Yaniv: lol
    [01:23:19] Yaniv: listen to me
    [01:23:21] Yaniv: i pay a bit more
    [01:23:24] Yaniv: instead of u growing it
    [01:23:28] Yaniv: and getting more
    [01:23:33] Yaniv: u get the smae without growing it
    [01:23:35] Yaniv: name a price
    [01:23:51] Brave Heart: ok...i will contact you when i am ready
    [01:23:56] Brave Heart: for these two.....i will sell $500
    [01:25:00] Yaniv: yes
    [01:25:01] Yaniv: but listen
    [01:25:05] Yaniv: why wait?
    [01:25:05] Yaniv: lol
    [01:25:09] Yaniv: how much u want for it
    [01:25:13] Yaniv: just name a price
    [01:25:44] Brave Heart: that page being used for something...cant sell now
    [01:25:52] Yaniv: ah ..
    [01:25:54] Yaniv: anyway
    [01:25:59] Yaniv: when u sell it
    [01:26:01] Yaniv: what is the price
    [01:26:05] Yaniv: so i put $ on the side
    [01:26:13] Brave Heart: $1800
    [01:26:54] Yaniv: hmmmm
    [01:26:55] Yaniv: lol
    [01:26:59] Yaniv: well ok
    [01:27:03] Yaniv: contact me when its for sale
    [01:27:06] Yaniv: i buy it 100%
    [01:27:10] Yaniv: now give me your paypal
    [01:28:21] Brave Heart: [email protected] ....send a small payment of $55 first....i need to be sure the account is ok...before asking you to send the balance of $445....ok?
    [01:28:35] Yaniv: what do u mean
    [01:28:35] Yaniv: lol
    [01:28:37] Yaniv: oh
    [01:28:38] Yaniv: ok
    [01:28:39] Yaniv: second
    [01:31:38] Brave Heart: sent?
    [01:32:01] Yaniv: no sec
    [01:32:04] Yaniv: let me just fix something
    [01:34:46] Yaniv: k i send
    [01:34:48] Yaniv: wait
    [01:35:55] Yaniv: k
    [01:35:55] Yaniv: sent
    [01:36:41] Yaniv: Yaniv, you have sent $55.00 USD to Sigmatech Enterprise.
    [01:37:21] Brave Heart: ok...hold on...let me check
    [01:37:31] Yaniv: k
    [01:40:22] Yaniv: u got it
    [01:40:22] Yaniv: ?
    [01:40:39] Brave Heart: hold on pls
    [01:40:47] Yaniv: k
    [01:49:46] Yaniv: yes \ no \ black \ white
    [01:49:53] Yaniv: lol dude ur slow and iam in a hurry
    [01:50:26] Yaniv: minimal is good
    [01:50:27] Yaniv: :D
    [01:50:30] Yaniv: oops
    [01:50:32] Yaniv: not for u
    [01:51:45] Brave Heart: lol
    [01:51:52] Brave Heart: man
    [01:51:57] Yaniv: ?
    [01:52:04] Brave Heart: i need to confirm that ok?
    [01:52:15] Yaniv: yes ... but its paypal .. lol just check the mail
    [01:52:20] Yaniv: lol
    [02:02:00] Yaniv: if u want i can send couple of dollars to the other account so u see if its confirmed
    [02:02:57] Yaniv: k man anyway i am on the skype in the iphone, msg me when u see the money
    [02:04:00] Brave Heart: hold on please
    [02:28:11] Yaniv: dude .. its been 1 hour since i sent money :|
    [02:28:41] Brave Heart: man...can you do western union?.....
    [02:28:52] Yaniv: problem is
    [02:28:59] Yaniv: i cant do it through the net
    [02:29:01] Yaniv: :|
    [02:29:06] Yaniv: i need to go tomorrow to do it then
    [02:29:08] Yaniv: but dude
    [02:29:20] Yaniv: transfer back the money on paypal .. then we solve it tomorrow
    [02:29:49] Brave Heart: ok
    [02:29:56] Yaniv: ur paypal dont work?
    [02:30:27] Brave Heart: i think there is a hold or something....trying to contact them
    [02:30:48] Yaniv: ah ?
    [02:30:54] Yaniv: there is nver hold
    [02:30:57] Yaniv: did u check the right account
    [02:30:57] Yaniv: ?
    [02:32:19] Yaniv: anyway man send back 55$ and we do it another time when stuff works for u ..
    [02:32:46] Brave Heart: wait...hold on please
    [04:33:42] Brave Heart: hey
    [04:34:19] Brave Heart: there?
    [07:21:20] Yaniv: Yes
    [10:42:05] Yaniv: Hi man im back
    [11:37:22] Yaniv: whats up
    [11:37:35] Brave Heart: u doing
    [11:37:42] Yaniv: im god ..
    [11:37:45] Yaniv: what is going on with the pages
    [11:38:39] Brave Heart: man....could you send the $445 balance via western union?
    [11:38:46] Yaniv: we do like this
    [11:38:48] Yaniv: if u give me admin
    [11:38:50] Yaniv: i send u the rest
    [11:38:55] Yaniv: wu is a problem of trust
    [11:39:02] Yaniv: give me admin for 1 of the pages
    [11:39:07] Yaniv: and i send u the rest of the money via WU now
    [11:39:08] Yaniv: on the spot
    [11:39:51] Yaniv: or send me back the 55$ .. your decission .. i think its a fair deal that i send u via wu but give me admin for one of the pages before
    [11:40:01] Brave Heart: hmmm
    [11:40:13] Brave Heart: ok.....hold on
    [11:40:25] Yaniv: listen man if i see this deal works for us, i will buy many more :)
    [11:40:31] Yaniv: you will learn to know me
    [11:40:45] Brave Heart: ok...i am looking forward to that
    [11:40:57] Yaniv: :)
    [11:40:59] Yaniv: and as I said,
    [11:41:02] Yaniv: always when u have new pages
    [11:41:04] Yaniv: let me know
    [11:41:07] Yaniv: but lets finish this deal first
    [11:41:07] Yaniv: :)
    [11:42:32] Brave Heart: ok...send the $445 to this paypal [email protected] .....then LIKE both pages....and give me your facebook id
    [11:42:40] Yaniv: ok
    [11:42:43] Yaniv: i send now
    [11:42:45] Yaniv: i already liked
    [11:42:48] Yaniv: [email protected]
    [11:43:03] Yaniv: will it take again 2 hours to verfiy payment?
    [11:43:14] Brave Heart: it won't
    [11:43:22] Yaniv: k
    [11:43:23] Yaniv: log in now
    [11:43:24] Yaniv: so we do it quick
    [11:43:36] Yaniv: wait a sec I call u on skype
    [11:44:12] Yaniv: ok let me know when your here..
    [11:44:32] Brave Heart: i am here...i'm not going anywhere
    [11:44:41] Yaniv: why dont u answer
    [11:44:43] Yaniv: (i call)
    [11:45:26] Brave Heart: well...i am chatting with a few other people as well (not related to the fan pages anyway)
    [11:46:03] Yaniv: ok
    [11:46:05] Yaniv: sent
    [11:46:41] Yaniv: Yaniv, you have sent $445.00 USD to George Edwards.
    [11:46:54] Brave Heart: ok...let me check
    [11:46:58] Yaniv: lol
    [11:50:00] Brave Heart: man...i think i will in pending balance...hold on
    [11:50:12] Yaniv: what do u mean pending balance
    [11:50:14] Yaniv: whats that
    [11:51:23] Brave Heart: wait...i'll show you screenshot
    [11:51:57] Yaniv: man as i said, give refund. make me admin and i go now to send u on wu
    [11:52:01] Yaniv: if u want
    [11:53:14] Yaniv: if it will be easier for u
    [11:54:16] Brave Heart: ok...i am refunding
    [11:54:32] Yaniv: ok
    [11:54:37] Yaniv: u want me to send via WU ?
    [11:55:33] Brave Heart: refunded
    [11:55:36] Brave Heart: check
    [11:55:48] Yaniv: yes
    [11:55:51] Yaniv: this one is refunded
    [11:55:53] Yaniv: 55$ missing
    [11:55:55] Yaniv: but ..
    [11:56:00] Yaniv: i can send u them via western union
    [11:56:06] Yaniv: if u make me admin on ONE of them
    [11:56:09] Yaniv: as security
    [11:56:31] Brave Heart: dont know...i have lost some of my pages this way
    [11:56:41] Yaniv: dude i just sent u money
    [11:56:42] Yaniv: lol
    [11:56:47] Yaniv: i am the one that needs to be worried
    [11:56:48] Yaniv: haha
    [11:56:54] Yaniv: 2 diff paypal accounts
    [11:56:55] Yaniv: lol
    [11:57:12] Yaniv: but as u refunded i can trust u
    [11:57:23] Yaniv: cuz if u wanted to fuck me u would just not refund
    [11:57:49] Yaniv: where do u live ? i mean which country
    [11:58:29] Brave Heart: man...look...i am trustworthy...i HAVE refunded....i am MORE THAN WILLING to make you admin once i receive payment.....i don't need the pages anymore...that's why i am selling....i am in Nigeria right now
    [11:58:41] Yaniv: oh ok
    [11:58:44] Yaniv: well
    [11:58:47] Yaniv: yes i saw u refunded..
    [11:58:54] Yaniv: ok listen
    [11:58:56] Yaniv: do u have more pages
    [11:58:56] Yaniv: ?
    [11:59:10] Brave Heart: not yet
    [11:59:28] Yaniv: ok listen
    [11:59:31] Yaniv: 1. refund 55$
    [11:59:35] Yaniv: 2. i check other possibilites
    [12:00:27] Brave Heart: ok...let's wait for my associate to come online please...he runs that particular account
    [12:00:40] Yaniv: hmm ok
    [12:03:19] Yaniv: give me ur details
    [12:03:21] Yaniv: i try something
    [12:03:24] Yaniv: maybe WU on the net works
    [12:03:26] Yaniv: from paypal
    [12:03:53] Brave Heart: you need my name and address
    [12:03:58] Yaniv: wait iw ill check first
    [12:04:40] Yaniv: nah its not working from paypal
    [12:04:40] Yaniv: :\
    [12:05:26] Brave Heart: why not go to a WU office?
    [12:05:37] Yaniv: cuz i have money
    [12:05:39] Yaniv: on paypal
    [12:05:40] Yaniv: not on the bank
    [12:05:43] Yaniv: i dont like banks
    [12:05:43] Yaniv: lol
    [12:05:54] Brave Heart: ok
    [12:06:08] Yaniv: hmmm ... i try to think how to fix it
    [12:06:11] Yaniv: we need both to be secured
    [12:06:12] Yaniv: :\
    [12:06:46] Yaniv: ok i have an idea
    [12:06:56] Yaniv: i send it via WU, but when i get admin u get the code to take it out
    [12:07:00] Yaniv: this way we are both secured
    [12:07:20] Yaniv: but if yes tell me now, i need to run to the wu office
    [12:09:12] Brave Heart: man....for western union, i am giving you my ACTUAL address which can be used in tracking me down...and i have already shown my WILLINGNESS to refund you....but you still express a few fears....if i wanted to screw you up, i would have blocked you on skype once i received the payments....but i am NOT like that
    [12:09:50] Yaniv: yeah thats true :\
    [12:09:59] Yaniv: if i send now on wu when will u get the money
    [12:09:59] Yaniv: ?
    [12:10:20] Brave Heart: within minutes....WU is electronic
    [12:10:41] Yaniv: hmmm
    [12:11:17] Brave Heart: once a wu payment is becomes available for collection within minutes
    [12:11:33] Yaniv: ok
    [12:20:49] Yaniv: let me see how i fix it
    [12:33:54] Yaniv: ok man .. listen give me your details I send it VIA WU. but please.. as soon as u get the money make me admin over there
    [12:37:06] Yaniv: i tell you one thing, if u fuck me man .. i get alot of problems as the pages are not for me ..
    [12:38:50] Brave Heart: i WILL make you admin after getting money...don't worry
    [12:39:02] Brave Heart: NAME: Arinze Nnamdi ADDRESS: A2, Staff Quarters, Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State 300001, Nigeria
    [12:39:38] Brave Heart: Remember to take a valid ID with you to the WU office
    [12:40:22] Yaniv: yeah .. thatsnot the problem
    [12:40:24] Yaniv: is just that wu
    [12:40:27] Yaniv: is problematic for me
    [12:40:28] Yaniv: :|
    [12:40:36] Yaniv: dont u have any friends with paypal?
    [12:40:49] Brave Heart: no man
    [12:40:57] Yaniv: ok listen
    [12:40:59] Yaniv: do u have laptop
    [12:41:00] Yaniv: ?
    [12:41:55] Brave Heart: desktop here
    [12:42:02] Yaniv: ok
    [12:42:04] Brave Heart: why?
    [12:42:05] Yaniv: u can check from the net
    [12:42:08] Yaniv: if the payment arrived
    [12:42:09] Yaniv: right?
    [12:42:14] Brave Heart: yes
    [12:42:15] Yaniv: ok
    [12:42:17] Yaniv: so we do like this
    [12:42:19] Yaniv: i go to send the money
    [12:42:25] Yaniv: and i am there in the office
    [12:42:27] Yaniv: i call u from skype
    [12:42:30] Yaniv: u see u got the money
    [12:42:32] Yaniv: u make me admin
    [12:42:37] Yaniv: i give u the code to take out the money
    [12:42:42] Yaniv: (i will ask them to put some code on it)
    [12:42:58] Brave Heart: you mean MTCN number?
    [12:43:00] Yaniv: i think
    [12:43:04] Yaniv: i dunno iwill ask
    [12:43:10] Yaniv: some secured way
    [12:43:28] Yaniv: then u make me admin on ONE page
    [12:43:30] Yaniv: i give u code
    [12:43:35] Yaniv: then u make me admin on SECOND
    [12:44:33] Brave Heart: ok
    [12:44:54] Brave Heart: how long will it take you to get to the WU office?
    [12:45:01] Yaniv: half an hour
    [12:45:10] Yaniv: is it agreeed ? i take with me my phone
    [12:45:26] Yaniv: just be sure of this lol so i dont get there and u dont answer haha ..
    [12:45:37] Brave Heart: ok.....have you written down my details?
    [12:45:44] Yaniv: nope
    [12:45:48] Yaniv: lol again please
    [12:46:20] Brave Heart: NAME: Arinze Nnamdi ADDRESS: A2, Staff Quarters, Ugbowo, Benin City, Edo State 300001, Nigeria
    [12:47:49] Yaniv: ok
    [12:47:54] Yaniv: Nnamdi
    [12:47:57] Yaniv: NNAMDI
    [12:47:58] Yaniv: like this?
    [12:48:12] Brave Heart: yes
    [12:48:23] Brave Heart: Nnamdi
    [12:55:12] Yaniv: ok
    [12:55:14] Yaniv: i tell u when i go
    [12:55:15] Yaniv: soon
    [12:55:15] Yaniv: ok
    [12:55:16] Yaniv: ?
    [13:01:34] Yaniv: here?
    [13:01:35] Brave Heart: ok
    [13:01:46] Brave Heart: yeah
    [13:02:04] Yaniv: ahh .. fucking western union shit
    [13:02:40] Brave Heart: ?
    [13:02:48] Yaniv: lol
    [13:02:51] Yaniv: i need to send more money
    [13:02:53] Yaniv: but i dont have it cash
    [13:02:55] Yaniv: not only for u
    [13:03:37] Brave Heart: you need to send to someone else as well?
    [13:03:48] Yaniv: yes
    [13:03:53] Yaniv: but again .. i have it on paypal
    [13:03:59] Yaniv: kill me lol
    [13:04:06] Yaniv: until when are you online?
    [13:04:36] Brave Heart: what's the situation right now?.....regarding mine?
    [13:04:45] Yaniv: i have for u
    [13:04:48] Yaniv: but i dont want to go twice
    [13:04:49] Yaniv: haha ..
    [13:04:50] Yaniv: wait a sec
    [13:07:49] Brave Heart: need to go to bathroom.....10 minutes
    [13:08:18] Yaniv: k
    [13:18:49] Yaniv: let me know when ur bak
    [13:18:50] Yaniv: back
    [13:21:21] Yaniv: are you back?
    [13:26:31] Brave Heart: back
    [13:32:07] Yaniv: ok
    [13:32:09] Yaniv: i go to wu now
    [13:32:11] Yaniv: 30 mins
    [13:32:14] Yaniv: stay online on skype
    [13:32:18] Brave Heart: ok
    [13:32:29] Yaniv: ok stay onlin
    [13:32:32] Yaniv: and i will call u
    [13:32:33] Yaniv: answer
    [13:32:33] Yaniv: ok ?
    [13:32:38] Brave Heart: ok
    [13:33:02] Yaniv: k bye
    [13:33:03] Yaniv: brb
    [13:51:06] Yaniv: U hear me?
    [13:51:42] Yaniv: ???
    [13:51:45] Brave Heart: i hear you but its a bit blurred...can you hear me?
    [13:51:59] Yaniv: Nope at all
    [13:53:20] *** Missed call from Brave Heart. ***
    [13:53:44] Yaniv: Make settings for audio, ur mic inst connected
    [13:54:19] Yaniv: Brb
    [13:54:46] Yaniv: Ur here?
    [13:55:36] Yaniv: Hello? I'm in WU
    [13:55:40] Brave Heart: ok....increased the mic volume
    [13:56:39] Yaniv: Ur mic isn't connected
    [13:56:50] Yaniv: Not set for skype*
    [13:57:06] *** Missed call from Brave Heart. ***
    [14:03:09] Yaniv: K 5 min
    [14:03:35] Yaniv: First name is arinze?
    [14:03:48] Yaniv: Family - nnamdi
    [14:03:51] Yaniv: Right?
    [14:04:01] Brave Heart: yes
    [14:04:08] Yaniv: K i
    [14:04:12] Yaniv: 2 min
    [14:04:22] Yaniv: Go in to western union site
    [14:04:27] Yaniv: In the meantime
    [14:08:17] Brave Heart: yes here
    [14:08:21] Yaniv: K
    [14:08:23] Yaniv: Wait
    [14:12:46] Yaniv: K I send now
    [14:15:54] Yaniv: K I give u MTCN
    [14:16:06] Yaniv: It's with security question
    [14:16:17] Yaniv: But first is MTCN
    [14:16:44] Brave Heart: ok
    [14:18:15] Yaniv: Go in to western
    [14:18:36] Brave Heart: yeah
    [14:20:07] Yaniv: What about fee ?
    [14:20:11] Yaniv: WU
    [14:20:15] Yaniv: :|
    [14:21:03] Brave Heart: how much they ask you to pay in total?
    [14:21:05] Yaniv: I call in a minute
    [14:21:19] Brave Heart: how much they ask you to pay in total?
    [14:21:47] Yaniv: 500
    [14:21:52] Yaniv: 45 was fee
    [14:22:01] Yaniv: U can see it when u get it
    [14:31:28] Yaniv: In the train
    [14:31:30] Yaniv: Wait
    [14:31:38] *** Missed call from Brave Heart. ***
    [14:31:46] Yaniv: I call in a sec
    [14:31:58] Brave Heart: i thought you spoke of a code?
    [14:32:14] Brave Heart: dont understand you
    [14:55:06] Yaniv: Lingv 179, Farsta, 12359, swe
    [14:56:52] Brave Heart: Yaniv Khalfon
    [14:57:10] Brave Heart: 5383763944
    [14:57:41] Brave Heart: Date? 15061988 YANIV
    [14:57:53] Brave Heart: confirm this
    [14:59:54] Yaniv: oh
    [14:59:55] Yaniv: sec
    [15:00:00] Yaniv: all good
    [15:00:02] Yaniv: i check mtcn wait
    [15:00:15] Yaniv: yes
    [15:00:17] Yaniv: good
    [16:05:12] Yaniv: :|?
    [16:20:27] Yaniv: man ... ?
    [18:03:00] Yaniv: DUDE ! wtf ... u make me alot of problems why do u do that ?
    Last edited: Mar 29, 2012
  2. SilverSultan

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    Jul 7, 2011
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    Where you think ? xD
    Your rookie mistake, NEVER USE WU, I was once scammed the same way, and I would not touch WU now
  3. Facebook Solutions

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    not rockie, thing is first i sent paypal and he refuneed.. thats why
  4. Leith

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    Oct 30, 2011
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    Him refunding your money doesn't mean he's legit. He probably refunded it because he couldn't cash that money out if he scammed you.
  5. Facebook Solutions

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    Nov 28, 2011
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    lol now after action, no shit sherlock :)